The experienced technical experts at Expert Logistics can help your goods clear quickly and efficiently with an automated customs clearance network. Our customs experts can guide you through the complexity of customs department.

We handle all import and export permit requirements for goods. We also provide necessary advice on any product requirements or non-tariff barriers.

We at Zahara Corporation are determined to offer our customers total solutions for their customs related requirements.

Our customs clearance services offered includes:
  Import and export documentations
   Import and export permits
  Certificate of origin and embassy endorsement
  Duty drawback and exemption application
  Carting and receiving goods
  Examination of shipments handling of stuffing & de- stuffing at ports, ICD’s and customs warehouse.

Re export from ‘Designated areas’:
We strongly encourage the development of export-oriented industries. To support this policy, we have been providing various facilities to our customers, namely the licensed warehouse at free industrial and commercial zones. We also help our customer to Import, packaging and re-export their products to different region of the world from ‘Designated Area’ without paying any taxes (except certain products). We have strong work force, equipment’s that can initiate best warehousing experience. Our skilled labor force can do packaging, sealing; levy your products as you needed for export.