Transportation cost is a significant component of the factory delivered cost. Zahara Corporation (M) SdnBhd through knowledge of ocean shipping, ports and inland freight keeps costs to minimum. Our large volume shipments, gives us negotiating power for better than tariff rates.

Timeliness of delivery (including just in time delivery) avoidance of damage, flexibility of destination and insurance are also considered. All play a role in the service provided by legally to the customer. Zahara uses ocean containers extensively to provide fast just in time delivery for all overseas shipment.

As a full service broker for specialized transportation, we do more than just move freight. We will search, secure and manage origin as well as destination services and equipment to insure that your product arrives damage free and to your customer’s specifications. This allows us to provide the SINGLESOURCE features that many of our Customer’s desire. We give you the assurance that all services will be managed by one company and receive a single invoice for the entire project.

Apart from that, we have our own fleet trucks that provide prompt pickup and delivery services for our customer’s as well as intercity tracking. We at Zahara with ensure that your load reaches its destination in a safe condition and on time.

Our trucks are also designed to meet specialized transportation requirements of heavy loads. We can literally move anything from granite, heavy machineries and raw materials to delicate electronics components.


We own four units of trucks specifically for inland transportation and our trading services. We are capable of matching your logistic needs to the perfect solution and our experienced and motivated staff armed with sound expertise knowledge in transportation and logistics has also helped us to maintain one of the best safety records in this industry.

As you can see, we offer a variety of specially freight services. As a full service provider, we also add value to your operation.

We offer:

Convenience: All you have to do is tell us what you want and when you want it. We will manage every phase of the shipment from pick up to delivery. Consider us as your traffic department for blanket wrap freight.

Flexibility: Unlike most carries, Zahara Corporation does not depend on backhaul lanes. We can react quickly to schedule changes at pick up, en-route changes or arrange for temporary storage and redelivery if the consignee is not ready to receive the product.

Reliability: Zahara Corporation dispatchers are available 24/7 and we focus exclusively on services sensitive shipments. We also measure the service of each of our carries and demand direct communication with the drivers.